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2015 was a big year with lots of student’s achieving goals they set themselves. The end of year grading was especially satisfying for myself and Renshi Antz due to a lot of the high ranks grading successfully and continuing their journey which is important for all.

Having said that let’s not sit back now and coast but push forward in all facets of our training and in all parts of our lives. I am always reminded by a quote from someone I admire in the Martial Arts, Richard Norton who states: “Anything that stops long enough is probably dead and the growth stops!” He further goes on to say “Fear is the friend of extraordinary people!” With this in mind let’s leave the comfort zone behind and be the best we can be. Jump on the mat, pick up a weapon, push a little more with the fitness knowing that you will not be judged only supported, and encouraged to succeed.

The dates are now set for the Mid-year and End of year grading’s. There are also dates for Fight Nights and Paint Ball so remember to mark them on your calendar’s!! High rank sessions are to be advised.

2016 looks to be another big year and rest assured Renshi Antz, myself and the high ranks will be working on ideas (Eskrima, Chokes) to name a few to improve the quality of training for all.

I look forward to catching up with you all and hope to see you on the training floor soon.

Keep punching!!

Kyoshi Brett

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Zanshin 残心

Zanshin 残心 is a term used in the Japanese martial arts. It refers to a state of awareness - a state of relaxed alertness. The literal translation is remaining mind.